Operator Course


The course is conducted in accordance with international norms and is aimed at making the trainees competent to operate the forklift safely and proficiently.

Teacher: Student    Ratio is 1: 8

Course Duration (Inclusive of test on the last day)         03 days (24 Hours). Course durations may be reduced for personnel with prior experience.

Course Outline

Truck-related topics.

(A) All operating instructions, warnings and precautions for the types of truck the operator will be authorized to operate;
(B) Similarities to and differences from the automobile;
(C) Controls and instrumentation: location, what they do, and how they work;
(D) Power plant operation and maintenance;
(E) Steering and maneuvering;
(F) Visibility (including restrictions due to loading);
(G) Fork and attachment adaptation, operation and limitations of their utilization;
(H) Vehicle capacity;
(I) Vehicle stability;
(J) Vehicle inspection and maintenance;
(K) Refueling or charging, recharging batteries;
(L) Operating limitations; and
(M) Any other operating instruction, warning or precaution listed in the operator’s manual for the type vehicle that the employee is being trained to operate.


(II) Workplace-related topics.

(A) Surface conditions where the vehicle will be operated;
(B) Composition of probable loads and load stability;
(C) Load manipulation, stacking and unstacking;
(D) Pedestrian traffic;
(E) Narrow aisles and other restricted places of operation;
(F) Operating in hazardous classified locations;
(G) Operating the truck on ramps and other sloped surfaces that could affect the stability of the vehicle;
(H) Operating the vehicle in closed environments and other areas where insufficient ventilation could cause a buildup of carbon monoxide or diesel exhaust; and
(I) Other unique or potentially hazardous environmental conditions that exist or may exist in the workplace