Offshore Safety


Scope: The course has been designed for  personnel who wish to take up  career as a ‘Safety Officer” in the offshore oil & gas Industry.

  Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to Offshore Oil and Gas Industry   (Duration- 06 Hrs)

Module Descriptor      This module give a brief introduction to offshore oil and gas production procedures including associated activities like helicopter operations , crane operations , basket personnel transfer etc. Trainees are also familiarized with Offshore Supply Vessel operations, MODUs FPSOs etc.

Module 2 - Hazards Associated with Offshore Oil and Gas Industry (Duration- 06 Hrs)

Module Descriptor       This module explains the major hazards associated with the Industry  including Hydrogen sulphide, fire , oil pollution. A brief introduction is also given to relevant regulations of MARPOL. 

Module 3 - Hazard Identification and Risk Management  (Duration- 06 Hrs)

Module Descriptor        This module deals with risk management strategies, and how to prioritise the hazard based on the risk it presents. This unit includes to MSDS and Permit to work  (Duration- 06 Hrs)

Module 4  -  Safety Management System  (Duration - 06 Hrs)

Module Descriptor          This module describes the Safety Management Systems and how the various elements of an SMS come together to assist in providing a safe place of work. This unit includes identification of elements of an SMS FSA / QRA / ALARP, HAZCOM (Duration - 06 Hrs)

Module 5 - Incident Investigation (Duration- 04 Hrs)

Module Descriptor       The module includes
(a)        Incident investigation and reporting procedures,
(b)        Root cause analysis .
(c)        Recognize trends in supplied incident data
(d)        Present data in a meaningful way.

Module 6 - Communications    (Duration - 02 Hrs)

Module Descriptor        This module deals with:

  1. Conduct of Safety meetings an preparation of minutes of the meetings.
  2. Safety polices, safety flashes
  3. Tool box meetings
  4. Dissemination of safety information