Anchor Handling


Chain Chaser

 Scope: The course is designed to impart knowledge on seamanship, ship handling and safety associated with   ‘Anchor Handling’ using chain chaser.

Course Duration       The total duration of the course is 18 Hrs covered over 3 days. The course duration is reduced in case of those personnel who have prior experience on offshore vessels. However this reduction is subject to production of documentary evidence to this effect and an assessment by the institute.

Course Syllabus




  • Course Registration
  • Introduction to Offshore Anchor Handling operations
    1. Types of Anchor handling operations
    2. Types of Anchor handling vessels
  • Anchor Handling Equipment
    1. Types of Anchors
    2. Introduction to wire ropes
    3. Karm fork
    4. Shark Jaw
    5. Suitcase buoys
  • Bollard Pull Calculations
  • Anchor handling using Chain chaser
    1. Planning Anchor handling operations
    2. Permanent and J chain Chaser
    3. Stability Requirements
    4. Planning of Anchor handling operations
    5. Deck layout
    6. Deploying anchors
    7. Retrieval of Anchors
    8. Anchor Slip
    9. Vessels Handling
  • Record Keeping
  • OLF/NSA Guidelines for Safe Anchor Handling
  • Accidents involving Anchor Handling Vessels and Lesson learnt
    1. The loss of the anchor handler STEVNS POWER
    2. The loss of the anchor handler Bourbon Dolphin
  • Assessment and Feedback


0.5 Hr
2.0 Hr



2.5 Hrs
1.0 Hrs

8.0 Hrs



4.0 Hr