The DP Accreditation and Certification schemes were developed by The Nautical Institute (the NI); working in association with flag states, the oil industry, the diving industry and offshore contractors to establish internationally accepted standards.

It has been operational for the past 30 years. The NI’s Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) training scheme is an industry recognised professional development route to becoming a qualified DPO. The scheme is managed by the NI for the benefit of the industry and includes the DPO certification criteria, certification processes, and the accreditation of the training providers against agreed standards

. Until 2013, it was the only training scheme for DPOs accepted internationally by the offshore industry and DPOs certified by the NI are often stated as a requirement by DP vessel charterers.

In September 1983, the scheme was adopted as an internationally accepted standard for any DSV or other DPoperated vessel working within 500 metres of any offshore installation by 105 out of 110 oil industry and major oil company representatives at a working conference in Aberdeen. It was rapidly recognised by the oil Industry on a worldwide basis.

Less than a month after the Aberdeen conference, the scheme was accepted as an official guideline by the then Minister of Energy for the UK North Sea operations. Shortly after, it was also adopted by other North Sea operating flag states.

The NI has developed this Standard in view of the IMO including DP training within Part B of the STCW Code & Convention (Annex 1). These standards have been developed and kept up-to-date with the full engagement and cooperation of all key stakeholders by working through the Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG) and its Regional Training Provider (RTP) groups.