Distance and Online Classes

The guidelines for conduct of these courses are given in DG Shipping circular number 13 and 16 of 2010, On completion of course at the Institute an Exit Exam witll be conducted as per DGS Training Circular 17/2020 . All these circulars are available on D G shipping website.

Click Here to Download Training Circular 13/2020-E Learning

Click Here to Download Training Circular 16/2020-Online Classes

Click Here to Download Training Circular 17/2020-Exit Exam

As mentioned in the circulars;  it is now mandatory  for all students to complete the e-Learning module and   attend live  online classes  conducted by the institute.


5.   E learning Module - It is a  self learning Course available on  D G shipping website. In order to undergo this course,  kindly visit the e learning section of DG Shipping website. After you have completed the e-Learning module, kindly inform the institute.

5.  Classes at MTI    We are still awaiting clarification from the Director General of Shipping  regarding the procedure for  conduct of course and its duration at the institute.