You can book the course either by visiting the Institute or online. For online booking please send us an email at

After we receive the query we will send you the course details with course application form. You can send us the filled course application form and pay the fees either online as per the bank detail given below or pay at the institute.

For undergoing the 5 STCW (PST, PSSR, EFA, FPFF, STDSD)  courses, you first need to apply for Indos number. Issue of Indos number takes about one to two weeks. After the Indos Number is alloted, you can apply for the courses.

Duration - The total duration of 5 STCW 2010 courses is two weeks and two days.

Course Fees 

Institutute does not accept course fees and must be paid online

The course fees for the 5 STCW courses along with Indos number is 11500. Out of this you need to pay Rs 3000/- at the time of applying for Indos and the balance 8500 can be paid at the time of booking the course. The fees acn be paid online in the following Account No

 Bank Details for Online Payment
Bank Name
CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
Account Name
Account No
IFS Code

Issue of Indos 

For issue of Indos please fill in the attached application form. Along with the form, please send us scanned copy of any Identity document like School certificate, Adhar card or Passport copy having date of birth and address proof. Once you are issued with Indos , we will send you the course application form.

Accommodation - The College also has its fully furnished student hostel. Candidates booked at the Institute can make use of this by paying additional charges.